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Paradise by the NetSuite Dashboard

Imagine your car’s dashboard didn’t have a speedometer…

“Do you have any idea how fast you were going?”

“I really don’t, officer.”

Whether it’s a speedometer, a fuel gauge, or GPS, having the right data at our fingertips when we’re behind the wheel makes it a whole lot easier to make driving decisions. The same is true for companies who are using NetSuite to drive the efficiency of their business.

Have you taken the time to review the metrics that are important to your business and to configure your NetSuite dashboard properly? Many businesses go live on NetSuite without thinking about the knowledge they’ll need to make key decisions. The fact is, data means nothing unless it is turned into information that is tangible and usable. It needs to clearly present the knowledge needed to make key decisions. Do you have graphs or percentages to show your year-over-year sales comparisons? Are you able to easily drill down into reports that show the source of the data – like the products that are driving your sales – or hurting them?

Just like with driving a vehicle, companies that don’t watch their dashboard for too long can be headed for trouble.

At iCloudAuthority, we help clients implement and integrate NetSuite with their business. We also make sure they have easy access to the data that will help drive their business.