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Get Out: Need to move data out of NetSuite?

NetSuite release 2016.2 contained an enhancement which allows communication directly from NetSuite to an SFTP Server. This is BIG news since most companies prefer using this protocol over others due to the data security. You can now use an API to transmit different files like a CSV or XML file to another location. Before, you had to use a 3rd party application to GET the data OUT of NetSuite then send the file to the final location. These application usually cost quite a bit of money to setup and you pay a recurring licensing fee.

No one wants to add middleware to transmit data from one place to another if it can be avoided. Check out this functionality and see if it will benefit your Company.

If you don’t want to build this for your system, we have it up and running and available as a bundled solution. Not only can we handle multiple end points from NetSuite, but we can also bring DATA IN.

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