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Get Out: Need to move data out of NetSuite?

By Al Ladha | Jan 16, 2017

NetSuite release 2016.2 contained an enhancement which allows communication directly from NetSuite to an SFTP Server. This is BIG news since most companies prefer using this protocol over others due to the data security. You can now use an API to transmit different files like a CSV or XML file to another location. Before, you…

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Paradise by the NetSuite Dashboard

By icloudauth | Oct 11, 2016

Imagine your car’s dashboard didn’t have a speedometer… “Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” “I really don’t, officer.” Whether it’s a speedometer, a fuel gauge, or GPS, having the right data at our fingertips when we’re behind the wheel makes it a whole lot easier to make driving decisions. The same…

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7 Things to Consider if You’re Changing from NetSuite to NetSuite One World

By icloudauth | Oct 11, 2016

Are you merging two or more organizations that use NetSuite? Do you need to change the company hierarchy and reporting structure? Do you need to account for subsidiaries? It may be time for you to transition to NetSuite One World. There can be very good reasons for making the change, but the process can be…

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7 Questions NetSuite Users Should Be Asking About Data

By icloudauth | Oct 11, 2016

How much have you thought about your company’s data needs? The sooner you start thinking about the data that’s important to you, the sooner you’ll begin to customize NetSuite so that you can fully benefit from the information. Through the 500 or so implementations we have done while working at NetSuite or at iCloudAuthority, we’ve…

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3 Good Reasons You Should Review NetSuite’s Enhancements

By icloudauth | Oct 11, 2016

Some software is updated so often it’s impossible to keep up with all of the changes. NetSuite releases enhancements just twice per year: the same amount of times you see your dentist. So it should be easy to keep up with the updates, right? Well, maybe not. But just like going to the dentist, it…

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