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7 Things to Consider if You’re Changing from NetSuite to NetSuite One World

Are you merging two or more organizations that use NetSuite? Do you need to change the company hierarchy and reporting structure? Do you need to account for subsidiaries? It may be time for you to transition to NetSuite One World.

There can be very good reasons for making the change, but the process can be tricky; it’s not as simple as just purchasing the extension and asking NetSuite to upgrade your account. It can take a considerable amount of work to put the structure and new business processes in place.

Here are seven essential questions to ask to help you implement the transition:

  1. What is the intent of the One World Instance?
  2. What is my reporting structure?
  3. Do I have different tax ids?
  4. Do I need separate branding?
  5. Do I need different processes between companies/subsidiaries?
  6. Are any Custom solutions like scripting and integration impacted?
  7. Do I need a sandbox account?

Nervous about making the change? We’d be happy to help. NetSuite is all we do.