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7 Questions NetSuite Users Should Be Asking About Data

How much have you thought about your company’s data needs? The sooner you start thinking about the data that’s important to you, the sooner you’ll begin to customize NetSuite so that you can fully benefit from the information.

Through the 500 or so implementations we have done while working at NetSuite or at iCloudAuthority, we’ve found that the most common implementation detractor is data. Customers do not spend enough time preparing data for an implementation, especially if they expect to be live in three months.

To determine your company’s data needs, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

  1. How much data to I need to import?
  2. Do I need history? How much?
  3. Do I need transactional history or just summary balances?
  4. How can I use this data to improve my analytics?
  5. How will this data show up in NetSuite?
  6. Can I import the data myself of do I need help?
  7. How can I extract this data from our current system?

Data is best understood when scoping the ERP/MRP/CRM system to determine how data is managed and what impact is caused to the timeline.

Need help figuring out your data needs with NetSuite? NetSuite is all we do.