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3 Good Reasons You Should Review NetSuite’s Enhancements

Some software is updated so often it’s impossible to keep up with all of the changes. NetSuite releases enhancements just twice per year: the same amount of times you see your dentist. So it should be easy to keep up with the updates, right? Well, maybe not. But just like going to the dentist, it is worthwhile. Here’s why.

  1. NetSuite’s releases contain crucial improvements that deepen NetSuite’s functionality in particular areas. Click here for a NetSuite’s sneak peak at the most recent updates: Version 2016 Release 2.
  2. Some of NetSuite’s enhancements are free of charge and could make your company even more efficient. If you’re using it right, your company has benefited significantly from using NetSuite. Why not make sure you’re not missing out on further enhancements?
  3. Custom scripting, integration, and partner applications could stop working if you don’t test them before the new NetSuite release is rolled out. You’ll want to make sure the tools you’ve developed or invested in continue to work properly. (NetSuite provides a temporary beta account before they roll their releases into production.)

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